Is that a Packer Working at the Courthouse?

Living in Green Bay for a majority of my life, I felt obligated to write this week’s post about the Packers. Most Packer fans would expect to see a player on the field during a game, practicing at the Don Hudson Center, or perhaps out in public. I, personally, would never expect to see a Packer player at the Brown County Courthouse… that is until I recently read an article about just that. This summer, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is interning for Brown County Circuit Court Judge Donald Zuidmulder. Ha Ha has to complete 180 hours of an unpaid internship to receive 6 credits towards completing his criminal justice degree from the University of Alabama. According to the article, Clinton-Dix has said that achieving this degree is not just for him, but for friends and family from his hometown of Orlando, Florida. While completing his internship with Judge Zuidmulder, Clinton-Dix will not be sporting his number 21 jersey or going by “Ha Ha”. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix. He’s Mr. Clinton-Dix. (And) he’ll have a dress code,” said Judge Zuidmulder. The internship will provide Clinton-Dix with insights into the facets of the criminal justice system including the county courts, drug treatment courts, juvenile courts, the district attorney’s office and the sheriff’s department. Next time I head to the courthouse, I definitely will be keeping an eye out for this Packer player.


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Heritage Hill

If you’ve read our blog posts in the past, you know that Adolph Legal does whatever it can to support our community.  Recently we’ve paired with Heritage Hill to sponsor and support its upcoming events.  Heritage Hill State Historical Park is located in Green Bay.  It contains numerous historical buildings on over 50 acres of land.   The park contains historical information and artifacts that cannot be found anywhere in our community.  Adolph Legal supports this organization because of its appreciation of history.

We encourage everyone to check out the State Park and any of its numerous events.  Its a great organization to support and the experiences offered are unbeatable.  You can find more information here and here.


Adolph Legal Attends Gather for Good Event

On May 5, 2017, Adolph Legal joined other leaders in the community to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin at the Gather for Good event on Broadway. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is an independent health care system that solely treats sick children. The mission of the event was to raise money for this incredibly worthy cause.

The event kicked off with a touching video of testimonials from families who had to face the tragedy of having their child be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. These children were treated by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and were ultimately cured. Some of the families featured in the video were present at the event. Seeing those children at the event was a profound reminder of not just how fragile life is, but how a child’s life is especially fragile. Furthermore, seeing once bedridden children running around and acting like happy kids really solidified the importance of having an organization like Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in our community.

After the video, the mood had lightened thanks to a rousing performance by Deuces Wild, a dueling piano show. Most people reading this have seen a dueling piano performance, but Deuces Wild is a uniquely talented duo that provide a sublime medley of comedy and lively renditions of popular music. Impromptu participation from the crowd may have been the highlight of the evening, but also provided me with overwhelming sense of anxiety, because getting in front of a crowd of people singing the Village People’s “YMCA,” is perhaps my worst nightmare. But lucky for me and for those at the event I was not summoned to participate in the performance.

Our office had a memorable evening, and left the event inspired by the work of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and more importantly inspired the strength of children who have faced more adversity in their short lives than I can even comprehend. If you have an opportunity to attend this event in the future or even if you have the means to support this great organization, I highly recommend it. They say it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to save a child from terminal disease. Adolph Legal is proud to have participated in the Gather for Good event and look forward to hearing more success stories of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin saving more lives.

For more information about the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, visit their website here.

Strange Laws, Wisconsin!

This week I looked into some strange and interesting laws and ordinances in the State of Wisconsin.

  • Margarine is illegal?


No, I did not mean to type marijuana, I really did mean margarine. According to Wisconsin Statute 97.18. Section 97.18(4), “”The serving of colored oleomargarine or margarine at a public eating place as a substitute for table butter is prohibited unless it is ordered by the customer.” Additionally, Section 97.18(5) states that “The serving of oleomargarine or margarine to students, patients or inmates of any state institutions as a substitute for table butter is prohibited, except that such substitution may be ordered by the institution superintendent when necessary for the health of a specific patient or inmate, if directed by the physician in charge of the patient or inmate.” So, what exactly does this mean if you violate these laws? In Section 97.18(6), a person who violates this law may be fined up to $500 and spend 3 months imprisoned. For every subsequent offense, the individual can be fined up to $1,000 and imprisoned for up to a year. And to think, all this because of butter!

  • Sorry kids, no more snowball fights


Growing up with Wisconsin winters, I have always enjoyed a good snowball fight with my friends. I think many people who grew up with snow can look back to and remember snowball fights. In Wausau, Wisconsin, children can say goodbye to winter snowball fights. Wausau Ordinance Section 9.08.020 prohibits the throwing of snowballs at any other person, or at, in, or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city. The full ordinance states “No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person or at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city. This subsection shall not apply to archery ranges under the supervision of the park and recreation committee, nor shall it apply to the bow hunting provisions within 9.08.010. (Ord. 61-5371 ‘ 1, 2008, File No. 93-0835; Ord. 61-5339 ‘2, 2007, File No. 07-0718; Prior code ‘11.01(2).)” Yes, you are correct in reading that snowballs have been categorized into the same group as, arrows, stones, and missiles. Now, I get that sometimes ice can be inside a snowball that could cause injury, but banning all throwing of snowballs leaves me a bit puzzled. I wonder how this ordinance came into effect.

  • Time for you to “moove” over.


Being America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin sure does have its fair share of cattle. Many of us will pass farms splattered across the State with cows, horses and the occasional goat or alpaca. What happens if you encounter some livestock being driven over or along your journey? Wisconsin Statute 346.21 states that the operator of the motor vehicle must yield. Hopefully you don’t run into a large herd of cattle crossing the road, or you are in for a long wait.

  • Green, Green Grass


Let’s imagine that it is the middle of summer: the sun has just begun to rise, and your automatic sprinklers have popped out of the ground to spray your luscious green lawn; inside you are finishing your morning coffee before heading out the door to the office; and, the next thing you know there is a knock on your door. It’s the police and they are saying you just violated a city ordinance for watering your lawn so early. This could be the case if you live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Sheboygan Ordinance Sec. 70-153 states that “No persons shall, with purpose or intent, sprinkle their property in any manner to the distress or annoyance of others.” Although you may not have started watering your grass with the intent of annoying others, it may end up causing you some trouble.

  • No more bugs.


Summertime brings beautiful weather, barbeques, picnics, days on the water and much more… It also brings out the bugs. If you live in Hudson, Wisconsin, you don’t have to worry about bugs, at least in your house. Hudson City Code Section 140-8(C) is all about preventing bugs from entering your dwelling. The code states “Screen requirements. From May 1 to October 1, in every dwelling unit, for protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects, every door opening directly from a dwelling unit to outdoor space shall have supplied and installed screens and a self-closing device, and every window or other device with openings to outdoor space used or intended to be used for ventilation shall likewise be supplied with screens installed.” This law sure helps keep those pesky flies out of the home.

  • No more dogs or cats.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love of animals. I personally love my family’s dog. My mother likes to take her everywhere she goes. When she goes to visit a friend, the dog goes with. A trip to get groceries? The dog is in tow. Well a city ordinance in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, prevents bringing your dog or cat to one specific location. Sun Prairie Ordinance Code 6.04.080 states “No dog or cat shall be permitted in any public cemetery. Every dog specially trained to lead blind persons shall be exempt from this section.” Personally, I think that this ordinance should be changed. I understand that dogs or cats make have an “accident” in the cemetery, but when a pet truly loves its owner, I believe they should be able to visit them if they have passed. For example, a serviceman’s dog visiting their grave with the family. As long as the animal is well-behaved and the owner is willing to pick-up after it.

Have you heard of any strange laws and want to add to these? Comment on this post and we’ll update it!




Attorney Adolph’s Top Five Legal Movies

A Polish man moved to the United States and married an American girl. Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well until one day he rushed into a lawyer’s office and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him – “very quick.”

The lawyer said that the speed for getting a divorce would depend on the circumstances, and asked him the following questions:

Lawyer: “Have you any grounds?”

Man: “JA, JA, acre and half and nice little home.”

Lawyer: “No,” I mean what is the foundation of this case?”

Man: “It made of concrete.”

Lawyer: “Does either of you have a real grudge?”

Man: “No, we have carport, and not need one.”

Lawyer: “I mean, what are your relations like?”

Man: “All my relations still in Poland.”

Lawyer: “Is there any infidelity in your marriage?”

Man: “Ja, we have hi- fidelity stereo set and good DVD player.”

Lawyer: Does your wife beat you up?”

Man: “No, I always up before her.”

Lawyer: “WHY do you want this divorce?”

Man: “She going to kill me.”

Lawyer: “What makes you think that?”

Man: “I got proof.

Lawyer: “What kind of proof?”

Man: “She going to poison me. She buy a bottle at drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom. I can read, and it says:

You might be wondering why this week’s blog post starts with a joke… Well, you may recall Attorney Aspenson’s blog post regarding his top 5 legal movies. Now, I’d like to present you with my top 5 legal movies. Being a lawyer can be stressful, emotional, and draining, so when I watch a legal movie, I don’t want it to be true to life. I want to laugh and be entertained, and because of that, my list of movies is vastly different than Attorney Aspenson’s.

Now, without further ado…

  1. Kramer vs. Kramer

This movie deviates from the entertaining/comedic value of legal movies. It moved onto my favorites list after I started doing Guardian ad Litem work (for more information on GAL work, read our previous blog post here). Kramer vs. Kramer debuted in 1979 and stars Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman won best actor for his role as Ted Kramer. The movie takes a poignant look into divorce and the effect on children that most people may not realize. I recommend this movie to anyone who is divorced (or going through a divorce) with children.

  1. Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich stars Julia Roberts and focuses on a class action law suit. This is a classic David vs. Goliath movie, based on a true story, that is entertaining from the start. Erin Brockovich is a single mother and legal assistant who takes on a California power company accused of polluting the city’s water supply.

  1. Intolerable Cruelty

Number three is a lesser known comedy that stars George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Clooney plays a prominent divorce lawyer famous for his “Massey Prenup.” An unbreakable, iron-clad prenuptial agreement for wealthy clients who are getting married. Clooney meets his match in Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Marylin Rexroth, his client’s gold-digging soon-to-be ex-wife. The movie has comedic moments from front to end and the chemistry between Clooney and Zeta-Jones is undeniable.

  1. Liar Liar

A classic movie that shows what happens when a divorced lawyer’s son blows out his birthday candle with the wish that his dad, played by Jim Carrrey, couldn’t lie for one day. Carrey plays an incredibly successful lawyer who has built his career on lying at the expense of the relationship with his son.

  1. War of the Roses

And then there was one… This movies is pure entertainment. The Roses are getting a divorce and each party wants the marital home. Michael Douglas plays Mr. Rose and his counterpart, Mrs. Rose, is played by Kathleen Turner. The movie is told from the perspective of Danny DeVito, the attorney for Oliver Rose. Simply put, it is a vicious battle to the end. The tagline for the movie is: “Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love all over again. This is not that movie.”


Clearly Attorney Aspenson and I’s opinions regarding great legal movies vastly differs. What’s your opinion?  Please comment on our Facebook post!

Adolph Legal Now Has The Best Waiting Room of Any Law Firm, Allegedly.

Exciting things are happening at Adolph Legal! We are proud to announce that Adolph Legal now has the best waiting room of any law firm in Green Bay. It should be noted that this achievement is self-proclaimed, but still may be true nonetheless.

When a client is at Adolph Legal, not only are the client’s legal issues taken care of, the client is taken care of. We like to show we care, and one way to show we care is by providing our clients with hot, delicious LaJava coffee  (some of the best coffee in town! – check them out here). For added intrigue, Adolph Legal offers a flavor of the day and a standard dark or medium roast. The flavor of the day could be; mocha mint, bourbon pecan torte, blueberry, or my favorite—whiskey flavor. Every new day at Adolph Legal begins with the ceremonious flavor of the day selection, which is determined by the all-knowing wheel (see previous blog post).

What’s coffee’s greatest companion? Milk? Sugar? No, coffee’s most delightful companion is conversation. At Adolph Legal you don’t have to sip your gourmet coffee in solitude, please feel free to strike up a conversation with Sovann, our friendly administrative assistant. Sovann is proficient in many topics of conversation. Want to know what the weather will be like the rest of the week? Just ask Sovann. In the market for a German automobile? Ask Sovann. Want to know what the trending news stories of the day are? Well, you get the idea. And the idea is that we want you to feel comfortable and taken care of.

If human interaction isn’t your thing, that’s cool. Adolph Legal has a resident furry friend named Kolby to keep you company. Kolby is a very agreeable canine who likes to be pet or simply lovingly admired. He will undoubtedly brighten your day. Also, Adolph Legal has a stimulating collection of literature to peruse.

Here at Adolph Legal we know that you are coming to us because of a stressful event in your life. Primarily, we aim to alleviate that stress by providing comprehensive legal solutions. Adolph Legal also understands that we all feel more relaxed with a good cup of coffee and friendly conversation.

What the Overcrowding of Jails Could Mean for You

The Brown County Jail is currently facing the issue of overcrowding. Today, the Brown County Jail sits roughly at 92% capacity and that is even with 40 inmates being sent to other facilities to be housed. This means that if you are arrested, you may be shipped to a county farther away from home. This would make it harder for loved ones to visit you in jail, having to deal with being constantly being transported from another county for all Court hearings, and finally if you have an attorney, it can make it more difficult for them to both visit you and get in contact with you to discuss your case. Hiring an attorney privately can greatly impact how your case is handled. Instead of spending time in jail, your attorney may be able to discuss alternative options with you.

The county currently offers three different specialty courts to individuals who have been arrested. The first is Veteran’s Court which is offered to those who served in the armed forces. This court helps to reduce individuals from reoffending, decrease substance abuse, improve family relations and increase support for mental health services. The second specialty court that the county offers is Drug Court. This court was designed to deal with individuals who have become dependent on drugs and alcohol. Drug Court was developed based on a program that first started in Miami, Florida in 1989. Since then, more than 2,300 similar programs are offered nationwide. The foundation of Drug Court is the link between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community. Drug Court creates a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere to try and break the symbiotic relationship of drug and alcohol abuse and criminal behavior. Drug Court fosters a positive atmosphere with applause, encouragement and individuals are even given fortune cookies for successfully complying with the program. Drug Court also includes a specialty Court for Heroin/Opiate users. Heroin use has been on the rise in both Wisconsin and nationally. These Courts work to turn offenders into contributing members of society instead of sending them to be incarcerated. The final specialty court offered is Mental Health Court. Mental Health Court helps individuals that suffer from mental illness avoid being incarcerated. The Court focuses on managing the offender’s mental health. Besides the specialty courts, Brown County offers electronic monitoring programs. Instead of the offender being sent to jail, they can still reside at home and continue to work. The offender is placed on an electronic bracelet that is monitored by the Department of Corrections. In some cases, offenders are given a SCRAM bracelet which also monitors alcohol intake. At Adolph Legal, we will work with you to develop a legal strategy that benefits you. If you are facing criminal charges, please feel free to contact us at (920) 634-2212 or at

Don’t Throw Money Away on the Wrong Attorney

This week’s blog post is brought to you by our office manager, Andrea.

Who really understands how to hire an attorney? Prior to my employment here at Adolph Legal, I had a very vague understanding of the legal process, payment options, and how important it is to hire the right attorney for your legal needs. As an office manager, I focus on balancing accounts and human resources so legal expertise is NOT in my vocabulary. Now that I’ve spent almost a year employed here I see that most people are in the same boat that I was in before I was hired. So, for this week’s blog I will share some of the research I’ve done and some of my personal experiences to help guide you through the process of hiring a lawyer.

When someone needs a Criminal or Family Law attorney they have no shortage of stress. A way to minimize your stress is knowing what questions to ask. In my research, I came across an awesome e-book from Legal Match. Below are the writing attorney’s recommended 11 questions to ask and the link to the full article as well.

Here are 11 important questions to ask before agreeing to hire any lawyer:

  1. Is the lawyer a generalist, or a specialist in one type of law?
  2. Has the lawyer handled cases like yours before?
  3. What different outcomes can the lawyer predict for your case, if any?
  4. What alternatives to a lawsuit might be considered?
  5. Should mediation or arbitration be considered?
  6. How long should you expect to retain the lawyer’s services?
  7. How often will you be billed, and what’s the lawyer’s estimation for fees and services?
  8. How will the lawyer inform you of the case’s progress?
  9. What style can you expect from the lawyer: aggressive or open to settlement?
  10. Will others be assisting in the case?
  11. Is the lawyer covered by malpractice insurance?

These questions focus on having a thorough understanding of the communication style of your potential attorney. When talking to someone about your legal future, be sure and that they lay out what you can expect and how billing will take place.

Often, billing can cause stress. Let’s not beat around the bush, the bill is almost as important as the quality of representation. Call around to different local offices and get an idea of how they bill. If they won’t give you a generic price quote I wouldn’t hire them! Money is a part of everyday life and it shouldn’t be hidden. After all, you are hiring someone for a highly important service. So, from this office manager, here is an easy guide to the ways you can pay your new attorney. You can have an attorney “on retainer” which means that you pay them monthly or give them a retainer without having a current legal issue. This is done as a preventative measure. It gives you the ability to consult a legal professional about any questions you may have and to expedite progress on a case should one arise. That should not be confused with paying an advanced fee to an attorney to start work on an existing case. Advanced fees are commonly referred to as retainers. Funds from an advanced fee go into a trust account and get billed against as your attorney works on the case. The amount that is billed is at the attorney’s hourly rate and dictates the earned fees, you can find the hourly rate in your fee agreement. You can also pay a flat fee. “A flat fee is a specific, total fee that is decided up front, before the attorney provides any service. A flat fee is usually offered only if your case is simple or routine, such as drafting a straightforward will or bankruptcy filing. Flat fees often limit attorney’s services, so be sure to confirm what services are included in your flat fee arrangement.” This definition as well as many others can be found in this article. It gives an excellent overview of the hiring process as well as a comparison of the different types of firms to consider.

If you choose to hire your attorney on retainer/advanced fee, which most people do, make sure that you are giving them an ample retainer in relation to the overall expected cost. It helps you and your attorney stay current on your bill. It prevents an interruption of service to your case, and the best part is that whatever goes unused will be issued back to you.

Everyone should understand the process of hiring an attorney and how to best develop a quality legal relationship. Here at Adolph Legal we pride ourselves on advocating for our clients, concisely delivering fee quotes, and being forthright and honest with billing practices. These efforts directly link to our client satisfaction and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this company. I’m always interested in feedback, comment or call 920.634.2212. And last, but not least, please share this blog post, because you never know if a friend, family member, or co-worker may need quality representation.



Divorce Rates Are Not What They Seem

There is still a 50% chance of divorce in America, but it’s not the Millennials that are causing the high divorce rate.

This past Friday, I had the to opportunity to attend a seminar with Attorneys Adolph and Aspenson. I always enjoy expanding my knowledge of family law and being able to better assist Attorney Adolph in her family law cases. The attorneys at Adolph Legal take their continuing education seriously and choose seminars that will best assist their clients. One of the sections of the seminar discussed changes in family law, important updates, and hot tips on how to better serve our clients.


There was a discussion on the increase of divorce among the Baby Boomer Generation. While divorce rates among Millennials are actually on the decrease, the divorce rates for the Baby Boomer Generation have doubled between 1990 and 2012. (

There is speculation that the younger generation is more cautious to marry and more couples are opting to reside together without marrying. As for the older generation, it appears that rate of divorce has increased as women have become more independent. The average life span has increased, which means there is more life for couples to live. I imagine the thought would be “Why spend another twenty years unhappy?”


There is a unique set of considerations that need to be taken into account for Baby Boomer divorces, such as retirement or disability. One or both parties may be looking to retire within five years of their divorce. The division of marital assets and debts becomes much different when it is known that incomes are going to drastically change in the near future. For younger generations, many couples have twenty working years left before retirement to “catch up” after a divorce. The Baby Boomer generation does not have this luxury.

The attorneys at Adolph Legal have taken the extra steps to learn what challenges are facing the older generations in divorce and how to better prepare people for a successful future after divorce. Please contact Adolph Legal at (920) 634-2212 to schedule a free telephone consultation with one of our attorneys. Let Adolph Legal help you prepare for a secure and happy future.

Attorney Aspenson’s Top 5 Legal Movies

Everybody likes movies, even lawyers. Lawyers especially adore movies about the law. But you don’t have to be a lawyer to love a good courtroom drama with a twisting plot and impassioned dialogue. Here are Adolph Legal’s list of the top 5 legal movies of all time. And please feel free to critique this list without reservations.


5) A Civil Action (1998)

This movie, starring John Travolta and Robert Duvall, is based on a true story and is about a brash attorney (Jan Schlichtmann) who represents a group of families that believe their tap water is being contaminated by surrounding industries in Woburn, Massachusetts. Schlichtmann sacrifices everything in his odyssey to provide justice for families who tragically lost loved ones due to the local industry’s negligent handling of waste. The courtroom scenes in this movie are great, and Travolta and Duvall deliver memorable performances.


4) To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

Based on Harper Lee’s the classic novel, this movie is a poignant tale about prejudice and the courage required to overcome it. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, has been cemented as one of the best theatrical performances in the history of film. The film won three Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Peck, and was nominated for eight, including Best Picture. Watch this movie with a box of Kleenex, because it is a tear-jerker. Favorite quote from the movie–“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

3) A Few Good Men (1992)

You can’t handle the truth!” Perhaps the most often quoted line from a movie ever. The courtroom dialogue from this movie is stuff of legend. The final courtroom scene when Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson spar in a battle of egos makes for captivating cinema. Tom Cruise plays a JAG military attorney who has a panache for settling cases without going to trial, but then is given the task of representing two Marines being charged with murdering a fellow Marine. Was it murder in cold blood, or a case of just following orders? Watch this movie to find out, but only if you can handle the truth.


2) The Verdict (1982)

Paul Newman plays a washed up, alcoholic attorney, who takes a medical malpractice suit against a Catholic Hospital. Paul Newman is brilliant as always in this movie, and his character oozes with hopelessness until he is reminded of why he became an attorney. Faced with the difficult decision of either taking a lucrative settlement or taking the case to trial, Newman’s character is embattled with a moral dilemma that leads to a personal and professional resurrection.


  1. 12 Angry Men (1957)

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of our criminal justice system is a defendant’s right to be judged by a jury of his or her peers. In a trial, it is the jury who decides innocence or guilt, and thus attorneys and defendants are at the mercy of a group of people who may come from all walks of life, bringing with them a diverse perspective of what the truth is. Henry Fonda plays the protagonist in this film, and is the lone member of a jury who has reasonable doubt about the defendant’s guilt. Fonda’s character’s reluctance to find the defendant guilty stems from his ability to be objective and view facts without prejudicial distortion. He is then given the task to persuade his fellow jury members to set aside their prejudicial views to ensure that the defendant in the case is given a fair trial. This movie presents itself much like a play—all of the action in this movie takes place in a small jury room and is driven by masterfully crafted dialogue. “12 Angry Men,” was nominated for three Academy Awards, and today is highly regarded as a classic film.


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