Criminal Law

Being arrested on a criminal charge means you are probably under a great deal of stress. However, if you contact a Green Bay criminal law attorney immediately, they can help you begin the process of defending against any charges against you. You need a strong advocate on your side to help you through the entire legal process. At Adolph Legal, we can help defend you against a range of criminal charges including:

  • OWI defense – a first offense for OWI in Wisconsin can result in fines, heavy court costs and the loss of your driving rights. You need a seasoned criminal law attorney to help you through the process both with an administrative hearing and the subsequent court date.
  • Domestic violence charges – domestic violence charges can seriously curtail your activities in the future. Some of the penalties could include curtailment of your child visitation and custody rights as well as your right to own a firearm. If you are facing domestic violence charges, contact Adolph Legal and let us help sort out what led to the charges.
  • Drug offenses – all types of drug charges from marijuana arrests to more serious charges including manufacturing or distribution of drugs can lead to jail time, strict parole and serious fines. In addition, a conviction could mean a life-long record as a felon. You will need a criminal law attorney who understands Wisconsin drug laws to defend you and help avoid potential federal drug charges.
  • Misdemeanor crimes – petty theft, disorderly conduct and shoplifting can all result in a criminal record if you do not have a good criminal defense attorney protecting your rights.
  • Felony charges – felony drug charges, firearm charges and some domestic violence charges could mean you are facing a felony conviction. An attorney who has a thorough understanding of Wisconsin’s felony laws can help protect your rights and could result in charges being dismissed or pled down to a misdemeanor charge which is typically less serious.

Facing any type of criminal charges in Wisconsin can result in jail time, long-term probation and steep fines as well as a life-long criminal record. Since most ordinary people are not familiar with the court system and how aggressively a prosecutor will go after them for what seems to be a minor offense, it becomes even more important to have a Green Bay criminal law attorney on your side.

You need someone who will protect your rights and who is aware of how to discredit evidence, statements and will treat your case as unique. At Adolph Legal, we are committed to providing a strong defense for all of our clients and we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

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