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Family law encompasses a broad range of legal topics, including divorce, child custody, guardian ad litem work, LGBT rights and post-judgment issues. Turn to Adolph Legal for all of your family law needs and concerns. With years of experience in family law and an in-depth understanding of the law, Adolph Legal is an excellent advocate and legal representative in this branch of law.

Adolph Legal: Guardian ad Litem, LGBT rights and Post-Judgment Issues

Adolph Legal meets the requirements of the private guardian ad litem statute and can act as a guardian in visitation cases and private custody. As a private guardian, this Green Bay family law attorney acts as an advocate of his view of the child’s best interests. In this role, the guardian is both an investigator and reporter. Private guardians observe the parents with the child on multiple occasions, interview the child and do surprise home inspections of the parents. Based on this unbiased information, the guardian then reports back to the judge and court. His feedback helps the judge make decisions.

Even though same sex couples are gaining equal rights in many areas of law, LGBT couples still face discrimination. Adolph Legal has experience in advocating for LGBT rights and is committed to equality. Post-judgment issues often arise due to the need for modification of child support orders, relocation, divorce appeals and the enforcement of divorce decrees. The Adolph Legal Law Firm can provide comprehensive advice and representation for post-judgment issues.

Green Bay Family Law Attorney: Adolph Legal

Divorce is always an emotional process, and this Green Bay family law attorney is there to provide the best legal advice and to provide emotional support during this trying time. Adolph Legal is an advocate for non-adversarial options when it comes to divorce. Instead of going through a court trial, this law firm will suggest mediation or arbitration first. This alternatives are less time consuming, less expensive and help maintain good relationships. Neutral third parties help facilitate discussion between the parties and come to an agreed resolution. Even child support, visitation and custody issues can be settled through mediation and arbitration. At the same time, if an agreed settlement cannot be reached, Adolph Legal is ready to aggressively pursue a court battle. From simple to complex, this law firm handles all types of divorce cases.

If you’re considering a divorce, are concerned about your LGBT rights in a family matter, want child custody or need a modification to a post-judgment, turn to Adolph Legal for assistance. Their experience will work for you.

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