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Child Support

Child support remains one of the most controversial issues for parents who are not together. No matter how amicable a couple remains during a breakup, they often find themselves at odds when it comes to child support payments.

In a contentious child support battle, parents can sometimes forget the most important concern: the best interests of their child. At Adolph Legal, we wish to stand up for your rights while still keeping your child’s needs at heart.

We assist clients with issues including:

  • Determining payment amounts: Whether you are paying or receiving child support, we can help calculate fair and accurate amounts.
  • Enforcing child support: When you need financial support from someone who is not paying, we can take action to enforce the court order.
  • Modifications of court orders: If your life circumstances have changed, we can help modify your child support order to reflect this.
  • Terminating child support: When a child turns 18 or a parent’s rights are terminated, our team can work to terminate support payments.

Our lead attorney, Tara Adolph, has spent years as a guardian ad litem and an advocate for children’s rights. With our combination of strength and compassion, we can help you and your family reach the best outcome available.

How Does Wisconsin Determine Child Support Payments?

Wisconsin determines child support using the Percentage of Income Standard. This means that the court determines payments based on a percentage of income. For example:

  • Child support for one child is 17 percent of income
  • For two children, it is 25 percent of income
  • For three children, it is 29 percent of income, et cetera.

However, there is no strict formula for calculating child support. The court may consider additional factors, such as:

  • Each parent’s income
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • The number of other children, if any, that the parent supports financially

Advocate For Your Child—And Yourself

You deserve the best financial outcome possible for both you and your child. Adolph Legal is here to help you try to obtain it. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 920-471-0577 or by reaching us online.