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Increased OWI Penalties

On Behalf of | May 16, 2016 | Criminal Defense |


Governor Scott Walker signed a bill in April of 2016 that increased the penalties for drunk driving offenses.  A fourth offense OWI in Wisconsin could previously be considered a misdemeanor, but under the new bill these offenses are now automatically felonies.  The law also increased confinement penalties for all offenses subsequent to the fourth offense.  The belief is that the new law will help to reduce the 24,000 drunken driving offenses and a 162 alcohol-related traffic fatalities that were reported in 2014.  With harsher penalties coming, it is vital to have an attorney represent you on any and all OWI offenses.  If you are facing a drunk driving offense, please contact us immediately at (920) 634-2212 to see what Adolph Legal can do for you.


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