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Should you modify your parenting plan to suit your child’s wishes?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce is extremely strenuous for a family, and it can be especially hard on young children. Fortunately, the court system exists to facilitate a custody arrangement that serves your child’s best interests.

Your parenting plan outlines the child custody and placement arrangement that gives your child the best chance to thrive. While a child’s wishes do not factor directly into the court’s custody decisions, a time may come when you must acknowledge your child’s preferences.

Is your child ready to decide where to live?

It is the shared duty of the parents and the court to determine a custody arrangement that best suits the young children in a divorce. As your child grows and matures, however, they are likely to form their own opinions on which parent they would prefer to live with. If you and your ex-spouse agree that your child has given enough thought and consideration to the decision, it may be worthwhile to officially modify your parenting plan.

How do you modify a Wisconsin parenting plan?

You cannot modify your Wisconsin parenting plan for the following two years after the initial order, barring any severe circumstances. After the passing of two years, you may submit your case to alter your custody arrangement. The court will likely examine a number of factors to determine if the proposed change is in the child’s best interests.

Issues surrounding divorce and child custody make up the more sensitive side of family law. Keeping your child’s needs and wants at the forefront of your mind is often the key to making it through discussions on custody placement with the best possible outcome.