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Family Law

Choosing a guardian for your child

If you are a parent, you should include information about who should care for your child if you are no longer able to do so. Making this decision can be difficult, but taking the proper legal steps will give you peace of mind. Use this process to choose and legally...

Divorce Rates Are Not What They Seem

There is still a 50% chance of divorce in America, but it’s not the Millennials that are causing the high divorce rate. This past Friday, I had the to opportunity to attend a seminar with Attorneys Adolph and Aspenson. I always enjoy expanding my knowledge of family...

Divorce with Children – Resources

At Adolph Legal, we help many clients who have minor children navigate the complicated divorce process.  Divorce can be messy, and all too often children are placed in the middle of the dispute.  The role of a Guardian ad Litem is to advise the Court as to what is in...


Divorce isn’t an easy decision, but sometimes it is the only decision.  When children are involved, it only makes the decision more difficult. The Huffington Post has interesting articles regarding divorce, including the upside of divorce and the impact on children. ...

Guardian ad Litem

As Guardian ad Litem (GAL), Attorney Adolph usually serves the children of Brown County.  A GAL is a court appointed attorney who advocates for the best interests of the children in paternity, divorce, Child in Need of Protection/Services (CHIPS) and other actions...