Here in Wisconsin, we are deep into winter. We have gone beyond the winter wonderland of December with the sparkling lights, happy music and fluffy white snow, and have been catapulted into late January. Winter is anything but magical at this point. It is cold, slushy, wet and icy outside, making driving an unpleasant chore. It is inevitable that there will be accidents in winter due to the less than desirable driving conditions.

It is important that a driver in Wisconsin understand that they have certain duties when involved in an accident. When involved in an accident, a driver has the duty to investigate what was struck, whether it be an object, person, or vehicle. The driver must remain at the scene of the accident until they have provided their name, address, registration number and driver’s license to the person that was struck. Further, a driver has the duty to render aid to any person injured in an accident. If there was damage caused in the accident, it must be reported to local authorities immediately. It may be tempting to leave the scene of an accident, especially if it appears to be minor, but you could face legal ramifications, including criminal charges, for doing so. In turn, if you are struck by another vehicle who does leave the scene of an accident, you must forgo the urge to follow the fleeing driver. This could put you and others at risk. Stay at the scene of the accident and contact the local authorities to report a hit and run.


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